Container aangekomen

We hebben een positief bericht ontvangen dat de container is aangekomen in Sajocah.

My dear Mr. Dub,

Thank you for the mail but I am ashamed that Sr. Georgina got to you first. I had a seminar with the staff and between emptying the container and the lessons I was so tired.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU Again. My words cannot express my joy. There are wonderful things in the container. I was so happy about the thermoplastic and the books. I saw some T-shirts a carton for me and some for Timothy.
In short the good things are too many.
There ar also many things for the Casey Troy foundation. They are to come and collect them today.
I cannot stop talking and my heart is full of joy. The machines are very good, the thermoplastic for the workshop, the sach foot etc etc.
Thank you Papa. You are truly a father and May God bless you. I will try to send you pictures as we arrange them.
God bless you

Sr. Leonarda Tubuo
Every rain drop swells the ocean.